NQF Level 418 Credits
ETQA:South African Board for People Practices
Suggested Duration: 3 monthsMaximum Duration: 10 months
Unit Standards:13945, 242810, 10169, 7468
Short Course

About the Programme:

You do not need to be a financial manager to understand financial aspects and terms.
Basic financial management skills are essential for any individual; be it for personal use or for use in a team, department or division.

This programme introduces and simplifies the basics of financial management for non-financial managers. It uses easy to understand concepts and will teach you to plan your finances, draw up basic budgets and read and understand financial statements upon completion of the programme.

Do not be held captive by not understanding what is happening with personal business or international financial matters.

  • Topics in this programme include:
  • Stock and fixed assets
  • Budgets
  • Compensation
  • Personal, business and international financial aspects
    • Duration:3 - 6 months
    Payment Plan 1Payment Plan 2Full Payment
    R1380 X 4R1580 X 4R5520
    Debit Order OnlyDeposit/EFTOnce Off
    Debit OrderEFTFull Payment