Introduction to Legal Studies

NQF Level 417 Credits
ETQA:South African Board for People Practices
Suggested Duration: 3 monthsMaximum Duration: 10 months
Unit Standards:117495, 12153, 244574
Short Course

About the Programme:

Do you know and understand your legal rights within the South African context? Do you know which laws are binding on you as an individual? Do you understand the impact of signing a contract or agreement?

The course will introduce you to general topics of the law. At the end of this course you will understand the differences between civil and criminal law, as well as the various other classifications of the law. Contracts that one may enter into and the different legal requirements and consequences that may transpire from entering into certain legal transactions, for example standing as surety will also be covered.

The course gives you a broad overview of legal concepts. Some of the topics in this programme include:

  • An introduction to the law and the history of SA law.
  • Sources and classification of the law.
  • Aspects of private, civil and criminal law and procedure.
  • Law of contract, sale, lease, insurance and security.
  • HIV Aids and the law.
  • Insolvency.
  • Legal perspectives.
    • Duration:3 - 6 months
    Payment Plan 1Payment Plan 2Full Payment
    R1380 X 4R1580 X 4R5520
    Debit Order OnlyDeposit/EFTOnce Off
    Debit Order EFTFull Payment