Logistics and Supply Chain Management

NQF Level 531 Credits
ETQA:South African Board for People Practices
Suggested Duration: 3 monthsMaximum Duration: 10 months
Unit Standards:15238, 114876, 12996, 10037
Short Course

About the Programme:

The programme introduces the student to logistics and creating market value to customers. It highlights the importance of Customer Relations Management (CRM) in terms of “Channels of Distribution”, the “Elements of Logistics” and “Materials Management”. The programme ends with an overview of purchasing and the purchasing process.

The ideal candidate for the programme is anyone who is interested in the practices of logistics management or who wants to expand their knowledge profile and add another skillset to their CV. It is also recommended for the small to medium business manager who wants to improve logistics.

  • Duration:3 - 6 months
Payment Plan 1Payment Plan 2Payment Plan 3Full Payment
R625 X 8R1250 X 4R730 X 8R5000
Debit Order OnlyDebit Order OnlyDeposit/EFTOnce Off
Debit OrderDebit OrderEFTFull Payment