Project Management

NQF Level 514 Credits
ETQA:South African Board for People Practices
Suggested Duration: 3 monthsMaximum Duration: 10 months
Unit Standard:10148
Short Course

About the Programme:

Project management is a skill that can be applied in any aspect of life. From personal, normal office work or large organisational projects, this abridged programme will teach you how to apply the basic principles of successful project management. Project management is an essential skill that will continue to serve you as it can be applied in almost any aspect of life.

You will learn how to plan, run and supervise a project team and how to apply the project management knowledge areas - such as the Critical Path Method (CPM) and Project Feasibility.

  • Duration:3 - 6 months
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R1380 X 4R1580 X 4R5520
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