Frequently asked Questions

The easiest way to enrol is directly online at You are also able to download the forms directly from there. Alternatively you can call us on 011 708 0159 and we will send the forms directly to you.
You can start your studies anytime. Once the College processed your application form and the registration fee was verified, you will have access to the Virtual Campus and be able to start studying.
To ensure that the qualification you enrol for remains current and valid, it must be completed within a specific time frame. Different types of qualifications have different rules. It is therefore very important to familiarise yourself with the duration and rules of the programme you choose to study. You will have 24 months to complete a year of studies. One extension of 12 months can be applied for per academic year. Please refer to the specific qualification or short course for the total (maximum) study duration, including all allowable extensions.
The easiest way to submit an assignment is online. For some programmes you may also choose to complete an assignment directly on the Virtual Campus. Alternatively you can post an assignment or deliver it to our campus in Johannesburg.
There are specific due dates to submit your assignments by. Please refer to the specific programme for the maximum study duration.
These assignments are unique with specific due dates and will only be assessed after the due date.
Formative assignments are completed after each module. These assignments monitor your progress. It carries a weight of 25% towards your final results. Summative assignments are completed after each component or subject and measure your competence thereof. It carries a weight of 75% towards the component or subject The formative (25%) and the summative (75%) together count 40 % towards your final mark for the programme. Final Integrated Summative Assignment (FISA) is completed at the end of the programme or academic year. The FISA is an assignment that combines all your studies for the programme in one assignment. The FISA carries a weight of 60% towards your final mark. You have four attempts on all assignment. An additional assessment cost will be charged for the third and fourth attempt. Please refer to the fee schedule for more information.