BMT Graduation Ceremony

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Next GraduationTo be confirmed
TimeRegistration opens at 8:30am
VenueTo be confirmed
PhotosTaking of Graduation photos to be concluded by 10:30am (no exceptions).
Bookings To be confirmed
Booking fee per graduand:
Booking fee per guest:
Full attire:
Hood (Belt) only:
Mortarboard (Hat) only:
Gown only:
Graduation Photo Package
R1050 (full qualifications only)
R350 - R550
Health and Safety

The Health and Safety programme is ideal if you want an introduction to the exciting growing field of Health and Safety. Health and Safety is a legal requirement in every organisation and this programme will give you an understanding of…

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NQF4 Certificate in HR Management

The FETC: HRM and Practices Support is the ideal entry qualification into the field of Human Resources Management, specifically for junior and HR administration positions. You will learn about Human Resources administration, performing on-the-job-training, how to recruit and select employees,…

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NQF5 Diploma in Productivity

With the Diploma in Productivity you can launch your career as an Operational Manager, Productivity Analyst or General Manager. This programme focusses on the sustainability and growth of an organisation through improved service delivery, competitiveness and profitability.

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NQF6 Diploma in Business Management

The esteemed Diploma in Business Management qualifies you for various suitable managerial positions, including marketing, operational, financial, human resources or general management. The programme design delivers exceptional managers that can operate effectively across the spectrum of practical business management in…

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NQF4 Certificate in Business Admin

The general nature of the qualification will allow you to enter several different career paths.

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Project Management

In the SCB Project Management you will learn how to plan, run and supervise a project team and how to effectively apply project management knowledge areas – such as the Critical Path Method (CPM) and Project Feasibility. From normal office…

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Financial Management

The short course in Financial Management for non-Financial Managers simplify the basics of financial management for easy and practical application within a business unit, team, division or even your personal life. Planning finances, drawing up budgets, reading and understanding financial…

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Introduction to Legal Studies

The Introduction to Legal Studies covers a wide portfolio of legal concepts within the South African context. Knowledge is power, and this programme covers your personal legal rights, laws that are binding on you as an individual, signing legal contracts…

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