Our Vision

To actively pursue and uphold the status of being

South Africa’s most prestigious business college

Our Mission

By allowing each and every willing and able person, regardless of race, gender, background, disability or age; the opportunity to be educated with basic and advanced skills in such a way that the acquired knowledge can be practically and innovatively utilised in any working environment the individual may wish to enter.

The primary focus of the College is to provide training and education in the higher Further Education and Training (FET) and the lower Higher Education and Training (HET) levels. This creates a bridge between General Education and Training (GET) and FET into HET for such learners who:

  • Were previously unable to enter into Further or Higher Education
  • Wishes to change their career path
  • Requires specific knowledge or learning
  • Requires formal qualifications
  • Wishes to increase their level of employability, i.e. the ability to adapt their acquired skills to new working environments thus going beyond an education that only focus on employment or the ability to do a specific job.
  • Wishes to expand and or create new opportunities and
  • Want to create accessible and achievable expectations.

The College provides such Open Distance Education through the continuous implementation and shaping of:

  • Up to date information and theory in the field
  • Available technology
  • Applicable pedagogical programme design
  • Effective programme delivery
  • Unbiased, fair and consistent assessment
  • Formidable administrative systems

This allows the College to actively overcome the absence of traditional contact learning.

BMT College offers training to create and mould flourishing careers of existing and upcoming managers who wants to successfully reach the apex of their profession, personal lives and life long learning.

By keeping to these core principles the College will continue to strive towards being Southern Africa’s most prestigious Open Distance Education Business College.